Capture your entire service enquires from automatically

Capture your leads automatically

If any lead enquires for your services on Sulekha get caught automatically into the VS CRM, and you also get the email alert for your inquiry. This ensures you never pass up a major opportunity any lead from your posting.

Distribution of leads automatically

Set up various guidelines to disseminate leads to your business team– in light of topography, administration necessities of the leads or some other criteria you characterize. This guarantees a quicker reaction than your rivals recorded on Sulekha.

Auto-react to your leads

You can send automatically personalized SMS and email responses to the lead generated from the Sulekha and from other outsider's sites. This is used to reduce the time in making a connection with the prospects.

It reduces the manual efforts

Leads get apprehended and recorded automatically, thus tumbling the struggle and possibility of human error in ingoing lead details manually.

The sales team always remain alert

When a lead comes in and gets relegated, a warning is sent to the sales rep, and an assignment is made in his name, guaranteeing quicker development, and expanding the opportunity of conclusion.

Investigate the Source Performance

Examine how Sulekha is performing for you as a lead channel. Track the leads created from Sulekha and get investigates the transformation of inquiries to clients.