Best CRM Software in India

Best CRM Service in India

Variable Soft is specifically presumed Software development company of India and we are well known for our CRM Services which is best all over India. Our Customer Management Systems improve efficiency, effectiveness and interaction when procuring, managing customers, selling and supporting. VS CRM benefits organizations to profit by marketing campaigns, quicker sales cycle and improved client service. VS CRM provides a 360-degree perspective on client interaction history guarantees consistent client communication and raises consumer loyalty. It likewise permits organizations to identify early notice indications of competitive advances. Our VS CRM has a very great feature still we sell cheap CRM software in India.

Manage Customers

VS CRM captures and analyses client information, originating from different sources. It isolates clients into bunches that offer comparative qualities, for example, topography, age, sexual orientation, purchasing behavior or any custom guidelines.

Manage Services

VS CRM has the quality to manage the entire services which are offered by the organization. It handles services like customer inquiries, services order, manages and analysis the delivery of services to the customers.

Manage Complaint/Call

VS CRM enables the organization to manage the calls and complaints of the customer easily. Entire calls and complaints information will be available at a single place and this will make the work process simpler for the executives.

Manage meeting Reminders

VS CRM has a feature that it can make the reminders for your meetings. You just need to set the calendar for your meeting and it will automatically notify you regarding your meetings and schedule works

SMS Marketing

VS CRM integrated with the SMS service, by which you can send the bulk of text messages. We offer a number of advantages over regular SMS services. You can easily segment your client base and send custom targeted messages to each client based on his or her past purchase history.