CRM Security

Your data protection is our top priority. We comprehend that each association needs to find some kind of agreement between securing their client's information and giving representatives the opportunity to complete their work. VS CRM prevails with regard to meeting both of these requirements.

Data Security

VS CRM utilizes one of the solid and powerful techniques - AES - to encode and decode your delicate information. Aside from ensuring information during transit, VS CRM secure information in the servers utilizing the AES-256 protocol and keeps information from being spilled or lost.

Vaults to store significant data

Secure your significant, private business information by putting away it in vaults. Keep hackers and other users from accessing your vault element, and guarantee that your data is protected.

Keep the information Close

Decide where you need your information to be hosted. Select from best in class server farms in the US and EU. Each center has different degrees of access limitations, including video observing, surveillance cameras, biometric controlled access system, and bullet safe dividers to shield your information from any physical assaults.

Tract the activity of the user with the Audit logs

Monitor your Sales team’s works or activities with the audit logs, so you can follow who did what and when. For instance, all activities done by your user’s respect to record erasure and alterations will be audited so that you can take proactive decisions.

Stop unauthorized Access

Utilize our IP restrictions to limit the unapproved users by just permitting sign-in from designated IP addresses, similar to your corporate network. This implies regardless of whether your clients have their credentials whipped, your CRM will even now be shielded from unauthorized access.

Fix security with two-factor verification

Give an extra layer of security for your account with two- factor authentication VS CRM. Notwithstanding a username and password, the authentication token is required to sign into your account.

Data Backups

Your entire data is supported up continuously over different servers. In case of hardware disappointment or natural disaster, your information remains secure.