CRM For Loan Management

CRM for Loan Management permits you to deal effortlessly and manage entire tasks from the loan creation to the loan execution and it is used to analyze the performance for expanding the ROI and limit hazard. It is an obvious fact that the world we live in is developing and getting computerized. Progressively, an ever-increasing number of tasks that are conducted online.

What is the Loan Management software?

Why it’s good to go with Variable Soft CRM for Loan Management?

Variable Soft is a very much reputed software development company in India and we are famous for our on-time delivery and quality of work.We work on the principle of confidently and privacy by this we make sure that your data and information remain safe and secure.Our highly qualified and professional developers always take of quality of CRM Solution.

Why there is a need for specialized CRM for Loan Management?

Feature of Variable Soft CRM for Loan Management

Add Client with their Bank detail

Our system allows you to add your client with their bank details, because of this you have full records of client's backgrounds.

EMI details

On our CRM system, you will get the full details of the EMI from its starting date and its percentage and many more.

Auto reminder For EMI

Variable Soft CRM for Loan management has an automated EMI reminder system that reminds you regarding the EMI.

Disbursement Details

Our CRM system has records of entire payment details and this is arranging in a good way so that agents can understand it in an easy way.

Status of Loan

The loan status of any client can be seen here. The agent does not need to make an effort for searching the loan status. They just have a link on the status of the loan module and you will get your answer.

Document Upload

For keeping the document of a client at a place so we have also provided the feature that you can upload your client document by using our beneficial CRM system for loan management.