Caught your leads from

Don’t let go any leads from the

Catch each lead without losing any

At VS CRM any lead that will enquire about the properties on the gets caught automatically guaranteeing zero lead spillage.

Distribute your leads automatically

You can set different rules for distributing your leads among the team members.

Track your leads

Track the activity of each lead with the VS CRM. You can set scores, direct subsequent meet-ups and so on and guarantee that you never lose any lead.

Nurture the leads

With our VS CRM system, you can nurture your emails with email campaigns, follow-ups, drip campaigns, etc.

It reduces the manual efforts

Leads get apprehended and recorded automatically, thus tumbling the struggle and possibility of human error in ingoing lead details manually.

Investigate your performance

Investigate how well Shiksha is functioning for you as far as getting terminations, how long is the conversation cycle and how the income is being created from each recorded property.