Simply capture the inquiries from

There is no manual interference and zero lead leak

Capture your leads directly

Any leads if enquire for your services that are listed on the 99acres that could be automatically captured in your VS CRM.

Distribution of leads automatically

Set up various guidelines to disseminate leads to your business team– in light of topography, administration necessities of the leads or some other criteria you characterize. This guarantees a quicker reaction than your rivals recorded on 99acres.

Nurture your leads

Nurture your leads with dependent on the pages they are seeing on your site. The significant substance at the ideal time guarantees they recall you when they are prepared to purchase.

Track your every lead

All the leads are captured from you are able to score the leads according to its activities and quality and based on it qualify them.

Investigate conclusion rate

Investigate how well 99acres is functioning for you regarding getting terminations, to what extent is the conversion cycle, and how much income is being produced from each recorded property.