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Features of CRM Software

Contact Management

Remain familiar with everything about your contacts to connect with your possibilities whenever from any point. Organize communication, nurture relations and upgrade sales results by systemizing and organizing all your contact information at one organized place. Contact management from Salesmate helps you to give your clients complete attention. Do not miss a solitary sight of an existing relationship.

Sales Team and Customer Opportunity Management

A sales opportunity is contact or person that has been entered in your sales cycle and needs to work with you. So, management of sales and customer opportunity is one of the tough tasks, that is solved by VS CRM in which you will able to track the customer as well as your sales team and manage them efficiently.

Lead Management for Determining High-Quality Leads

Lead Management is the procedure of tracking the lead behavior, activity, capturing the leads and engaging and qualifying with it until they are getting ready to be passed on the quota-carrying sales executive. By this lead management module, you are able to find high-quality leads that will provide your business.

Reports and Dashboards

The CRM dashboard is designed for one important purpose, simple to use. With a single click, you can make a dashboard of your most significant information and arrange the data the manner in which you need to work. The CRM dashboard permits you to perform 90% of your everyday exercises while never leaving the screen. The whole activity of your dashboard can be shown in form reports. This report can be downloaded and shared with others.

Sales Analytics

The VS CRM gives you pre-build, click and point, text-based and graphical reports for entire application from the sales and marketing, contact management for projects & accounting. The sales analytics packages give additional sales, customer services, marketing indicators for helping you in business decisions.

Mobile CRM

Your sales and the service staff need fast and reliable access to their CRM data while away from their office. VS Mobile CRM empowers access to CRM information from the present most well-known smart phones and cell phones furnishing your staff with the capacity to see drives, contacts, schedules, accounts, service tickets, sales openings, and more.

SalesForce Automation

salesforce automation tool that aides in expanding the profitability and productivity of the sales force with the utilization of real-time data. It gives a 360-degree perspective on each planned customer complete with past interests and inclinations.

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting helps you to evaluate your income and upgrade your business execution. Take precise and informed decisions to keep away from shortcomings and increase your business development. Use Sales forecasting software to support your sales performance.

Email Client Integration

Offers two alternatives for managing email beginning with a standard "dropbox" feature and advance plug-in module for Microsoft Outlook clients. The two alternatives permit you to keep on utilizing your preferred email customer while giving the capacity to oversee email correspondence directly inside the VS CRM System.

Sales Data

CRM helps sales representatives to securely and centrally store their contacts, sales data, activities and scheduled plans at a single spot, and have continuous access to the database from anywhere in the world securely. VS CRM assured you that your data won’t be lost.

Files Sync and Share

Presently it's simpler to share and collaborate on the file, publish best and most significate content, and track it entirely real-time. Rapidly find what you're searching for from anyplace, on any gadget.

Inside Sales Console

The dashboard-like interface gives inside agents a proficient method to catch up on leads, evaluate organizations, distinguish key contacts, and access sales intelligence.

Sales Performance Management

Get lead source, identify the sales stars and the under-performers covering behind on targets. Naturally set sales tasks with the goal that the sales group doesn't miss on follow-ups.

Marketing Automation Integration

Design customer lifecycle operations on a graphical interface without requiring tech help. Automate entire communication sent to your customer's overall touch points.

Chat Integration

A chatbot platform that creates and empowers chatbots to take into account customers' expectations across ventures while conveying a seamless experience.

Social Media Management Integration

In your organization has the social media profiles across Facebook and Twitter for singular items or services, VS CRM makes it simple to supervise them by including the profiles under a Brand.


Security of CRM data is the topmost priority and VS CRM is developed in such a way that it could not be accessed by any unauthorized person.

Workflow and Approvals

Design and run any business procedure with point-and-click effortlessness utilizing Workflow. Manage the success with the flexible approval procedure for costs, deal discount and then some.

Call Centre Automation and Integration

Perfect Solution for the Lead Generation, Sales Process, Tele Support, sales Process Automation Upload the files and begin Calling. Lead generation from Call/SMS/Email is done Automatically. Convert more leads into Sales with the proper follow-up and with the integrated Multichannel communication. Give the best Tele-supports to your customers with an integrated Ticketing system and Case Management.

Support Automation

Automating the support operation not just plays a significant role in scaling your client's assistance but also a business. Without a doubt, you may like your customary, manual method for getting things done. In any case, as you obtain more clients, your representatives will get exhausted trying to shuffle each approaching request. This can be easily solved by using the support automation system.

Web Analytics Integration

One of the major benefits of incorporating web analytics software to your CRM is the ability to automatically aggregate data into actionable results. Many marketers opt for free analytics software to avoid higher costs and overwhelming complexity. The result is a basic web analytics solution that monitors simple website traffic metrics and behavior.

Product Level Quotes

According to the product, the prices are decided so VS CRM has quotes management module which is used to decide the quotes according to the product level.

Role-Based Views

The VS CRM provides the role-based view in which the superuser creates the sub-user and superuser provide some limited views to the sub-user and they can only access views that are provided by the super users.

3rd-Party Integrations

The CRM is made customizable like if you wanted to integrate any type of 3rd-party integration you are allowed to do so, for enhancing the CRM power and making easy to manage the business.

Campaign management

By using the Campaign management an organization can improve the sales process, product image and they can create new opportunities for the sales. So, VS CRM allows you to manage the campaign.

Customization Options

Different business has a different requirement, according to that CRM need to developed. So, VS CRM is customizable the CRM will be developed according to your business requirement.

Email Marketing Integration

You needn't bother with a different apparatus to deal with your campaign when your sales CRM can do it for you. Contact your mailing list in seconds by sending customized mass messages from VS CRM.


Now you can connect with your customers through different channels like email, live chat, and social media also. We want from best CRM software to manage the depth, value and diversity of that relationship to build loyalty and ROI with customers. It can be done in multichannel CRM.

Case Management/Customer Satisfaction

At the point when you focused around estimating customer loyalty and actualizing changes dependent on customer feedback, you will be having the option to consistently improve the customer experience and hold more customers as time goes on. This translates to longevity and a brilliant future for your business.